Tuesday, June 24, 2014

End of school year fun!

Preschool moving up ceremony

     Lyla had her moving up ceremony from the 3 year old program at her preschool. She had a fabulous year in Pre-K. She made lots of friends and she learned a lot of great things. Here are pics from her moving up ceremony.

Lyla showing us her diploma.

Mrs. O'Connor (teacher), Lyla, and Ms. Joanie (T.A.)

Lyla's best friend in preschool... Joseph

Petting Zoo

     After the moving up ceremony we went to the Long Island Game Farm with Lyla's Bestie "Jo Jo".
The kids had a ball and were not afraid of feeding the animals. Here are some pics from the petting zoo.

Joseph and Lyla riding the train.

Dance Recitals

    The BEST part of the end of the year are the dance recitals. This year Emma and Lyla both were involved in dance. Emma took Hip Hop and Lyla took Ballet and Tap. The girls did a great job dancing their hearts out on stage. eddie and I were so proud of them! Here are pics from their recital.

Lyla's Bestie Joseph came over before her recital to wish her luck and give her yellow roses!

All dressed in her costume!

Emma dressed in her costume!

Sisters eager to perform!

Daddy with his girls!

Just about ready to go on stage!

Performing like a Pro

Almost ready to go on stage!

There's my Emma girl rocking it on stage!

Flowers from Mommy and Daddy after the recital!

Random Pics

Emma also had field day. Here she is posing for a pic with her Bestie Lauren.

My favorite pic of Eddie and Lyla by our pool! We have been in the pool everyday!!

Just wanted to say I cannot wait to meet up with my blogger buddies in Cali. Please contact me and let me know what your plans are so we can meet up! I would love to see old friends and meet new ones as well! See you soon!  Leslie G.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Our Visit to Dupont and other family happenings!

DuPont Children's Hospital

     We had Lyla's doctor appointments in February. She visited Dr. Bober (geneticist), Dr. Mackenzie (orthopedic surgeon) and Dr. Schmidt (ENT).  All three doctors said that Lyla looked great and was doing well. We were thrilled to hear the news.

Lyla's Stats:

Height: 2 feet 6 inches (just under the mean)
Weight: 25 lbs. (just below the mean)
Head Circumference: 21 1/2 inches (at the mean)

Here are pics from our visit to Dupont Children's Hospital in Delaware:

Waiting to see the doctors

Emma and Lyla playing with some rubber gloves
Lyla giving "thumbs up" to being healthy

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Lyla, Emma and one of Lyla's Besties ….Evelyn (who lives on Long Island and is part of the Long Island Chapter

After Dupont we took a weekend trip to NYC. We spent the weekend at the Trump International Hotel near Central Park. We got our usual corner suite and we did all the tourist things that the girls love to do when we visit NYC. Here are pics from that mini vacation.

The girls at the hotel eating popcorn and watching a  movie

At FAQ Scwartz….. The girls did a lot of shopping in here!

Horse and buggy ride

Lyla visits the dentist for the first time
    Lyla also had her first visit to the dentist  in February and she did great! Here are pics form her adventure to the dentist.

Checking out the tools

Cleaning her teeth

Updated pics of the girls

Emma got a trophy and is now an orange belt in Mixed Martials Arts

Posing for a pic together

Best Sisters Forever!

Lyla at the Hair Salon getting a haircut

Lyla loves being a Diva!

Lyla having a playmate with her buddy "Joseph" or as she calls him.."Jo Jo".

Playing with JO JO 

Best Buddies!
Here is an updated video of Lyla doing Zumba

Eddie and I at a Billy Joel Concert

Eddie and I saw Billy Joel last month (March). We had a great night out in NYC

 Well that's all the adventures for the winter. We had a terrible winter in NY. I can't wait for the warmer weather.