Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lyla Rose Turns 4!

    Our baby girl turned four on September 21! I can't believe how time flies! One second I was 36 weeks pregnant being told my daughter would be born with forward to now and she's four! How did this happen so quickly? 
     First let me say Lyla is a very happy and healthy child. She shows me on a daily basis that she is like every other kid except she's small. It's so crazy because when I was told she was going to be born with Achondroplasia I didn't think our lives would be as wonderful as they are today. I thought I would have a child that would constantly be sick, need surgeries and spend days upon days in hospital after hospital. 
     Boy was I wrong! I was ignorant and a fool! Lyla is just like any other 4 year old. My experience with Achondroplasia and raising my daughter had been glorious! I look at her every day and tell my husband that I can't believe I ever shed one tear for her. We have a completely normal life and it's not a big deal at all that she is a little person. We are truly blessed. In her four years of life NO ONE has ever been rude to her or commented about her in a negative way. All we get is how beautiful she is, how gorgeous she is, how cute she is, how adorable she is. Believe it or not no one even cares about her size! If people ask me how old she is, I tell them and they don't even flinch. They will just comment that she is precious or that she is a sweetie pie! People see her as Lyla! 
     As she gets older maybe this will change but for right now I'm sticking with the possibility that her life will be wonderful because I have no reason to think otherwise. Lyla thinks she is the most beautiful girl on the planet because she is told this everyday! Her personality and confidence exude through her. She is unbelievable. The good news is that she knows she a little person and it's just a matter of fact, couldn't care less kinda thing. She is loved and supported by everyone who knows her and I feel blessed to be able to share her story on my terms and on my time. I raise awareness when I feel it's necessary and I don't when I feel it's not. The bottom line is that I have two children - one who is an LP and one who's average height. I don't want to spend all my waking hours doing everything I can for one and neglecting the other. I want to do what I can for both so there is no resentment. I treat both of my angels the same and I don't want to get caught up in the " I feel sorry for my child born with dwarfism" because there is nothing to feel sorry for. She is perfection! Sometimes I feel like you need to step back and enjoy every second with your children because after all the dust has settled they're all grown up and you spent all of your anger on people or things that don't really matter... What matters is the time right here and now! 
     So I dedicate this post to all the moms out there who are just learning about Achondroplasia and I'm telling you not to be afraid as you will see in time that everything I said was the truth! Enjoy these pics from 3 days of celebrations honoring our beautiful Lyla!

      My girls getting ready for the weekend festivities with a trip to the nail salon!
       Day 1- Lyla celebrating at her Preschool... The children enjoyed ice cream sandwiches and all to celebrate Lyla at school 
  Day 2- a birthday hibachi dinner with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents 

            Singing Happy Birthday 
        My girl wanted a pink cake!

               My beautiful family!
  Day 3- party at the house with 16 of Lyla's friends... Waiting for the Fun Bus to arrive!
            The Fun Bus has arrived!


         There was face painting too!
              Taking a lunch break 

                   Lyla's Bus Cake!
           Blowing out her candles!

     The ice cream man came also! Eating ice cream and cake!
      Time for a piƱata! Who will break it

               Candy explosion!

The end of Lyla's birthday weekend! She had a blast! 
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

San Diego LPA Conference 2014


     Well I'm slacking with all my summer postings so I guess this is better late than never! Lol
We went to the LPA San Diego Conference the beginning of the summer and we had the best time! This was our second conference that we attended and since Eddie and I love California we knew this was one conference we weren't going to miss. We hung out with the Condon Family the entire trip and we had a blast hanging with them! Emma and Lyla love Madison! We were able to also meet new families and catch up with some other blogger friends. During our week in Cali Sarah Condon set up my Instagram account because I wasn't on any social media besides blogger and she thought I needed an account! Lol so I finally joined and it's been great! If anyone wants to follow us on IG you can find us at granshawfamily! Anyway- here are some pics from our Conference: