Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Our Visit to Dupont and other family happenings!

DuPont Children's Hospital

     We had Lyla's doctor appointments in February. She visited Dr. Bober (geneticist), Dr. Mackenzie (orthopedic surgeon) and Dr. Schmidt (ENT).  All three doctors said that Lyla looked great and was doing well. We were thrilled to hear the news.

Lyla's Stats:

Height: 2 feet 6 inches (just under the mean)
Weight: 25 lbs. (just below the mean)
Head Circumference: 21 1/2 inches (at the mean)

Here are pics from our visit to Dupont Children's Hospital in Delaware:

Waiting to see the doctors

Emma and Lyla playing with some rubber gloves
Lyla giving "thumbs up" to being healthy

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Lyla, Emma and one of Lyla's Besties ….Evelyn (who lives on Long Island and is part of the Long Island Chapter

After Dupont we took a weekend trip to NYC. We spent the weekend at the Trump International Hotel near Central Park. We got our usual corner suite and we did all the tourist things that the girls love to do when we visit NYC. Here are pics from that mini vacation.

The girls at the hotel eating popcorn and watching a  movie

At FAQ Scwartz….. The girls did a lot of shopping in here!

Horse and buggy ride

Lyla visits the dentist for the first time
    Lyla also had her first visit to the dentist  in February and she did great! Here are pics form her adventure to the dentist.

Checking out the tools

Cleaning her teeth

Updated pics of the girls

Emma got a trophy and is now an orange belt in Mixed Martials Arts

Posing for a pic together

Best Sisters Forever!

Lyla at the Hair Salon getting a haircut

Lyla loves being a Diva!

Lyla having a playmate with her buddy "Joseph" or as she calls him.."Jo Jo".

Playing with JO JO 

Best Buddies!
Here is an updated video of Lyla doing Zumba

Eddie and I at a Billy Joel Concert

Eddie and I saw Billy Joel last month (March). We had a great night out in NYC

 Well that's all the adventures for the winter. We had a terrible winter in NY. I can't wait for the warmer weather.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Eddie's Bday, Xmas Eve, Xmas Morning and New Year's Eve

Yes this is four posts in one! LOL I figured if I waited to post all four events separately, it would take forever. So get ready for lots of pictures and loads of info.

Eddie's Birthday
    Anyone who knows me can tell you that I make huge deals out of BIRTHDAYS! My hubby's bday is another one of those special events that I plan in the beginning of September….meanwhile his bday is December 11! The reason why the "so in advance planning" is because we go into NYC every year for his birthday for the weekend (just the two of us).  I started this tradition 16 years ago and we love getting away together. December is a very busy time of year and I like to make sure I have everything planned in advance or forget about a hotel room. Hotels book up quickly in NYC around the holidays. This year we stayed at the "W" Hotel is Union Square. We arrived in NYC early and of course went shopping on famous 5th Avenue. Later that evening, we met friends for drinks at a "Speak Easy" Lounge and then headed off to dinner at the wonderful "Blue Water Grill". We have such a great time time with our friends. Here are pics from another fabulous Birthday Weekend for my hubby!

Giving daddy his gifts

Daddy's favorite cake…Baskin Robbins

Celebrating in NYC

A group shot of all of us!

Just blew out his bday candle

     Christmas Eve we headed over to Eddie's parents house where we celebrated with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and great-grandma. Here are some pics from that evening…..

Eddie and I

Opening gifts

Lyla showing Great-grandma and Aunt Christine

Lyla holding her new baby cousin

Me and my girls (Emma got hit in the face with a ping pong ball)

Cousins watching tv

More presents!

My wonderful family

     Christmas this year was better than ever! The girls are at the perfect age to really enjoy it and Eddie and I love spoiling them rotten! They couldn't wait to get home from Xmas Eve and fall asleep so it could be morning! We left the cookies, the glass of milk, we sprinkled our reindeer food on the front lawn and we were set for Christmas to come. Here are pics from Xmas morning!

Our Family Room before the girls came down

Could it be?…….

Yes!!!! A phone…woohoo!!

Mini ipad for Emma (Lyla got one also)

Jewelry from daddy! (Lyla got matching earrings and necklace also)

Here is a charm I found….how awesome is this!!!

Eating Xmas brunch with Uncle Brucie, Aunt Michelle and Cousin Katie

     We always celebrate New Year's Eve just Eddie and I but this year we decided to include the girls! Emma is at the age now where she wants to see the ball drop and our good friends were having a party at their house (right in our neighborhood). So The girls took a 3 hour nap in the afternoon so they could stay up to see the ball drop. I can't believe they made it to midnight! We had such a great New Year's and we decided we will celebrate with the girls every year from now on. Here are pics from that night...

This is what was left of the guests at the end of the night

Lyla and Emma before the ball dropped

Group shot of the kids

HAPPY 2014 Bloggers!!! I hope its a happy and healthy one! xoxo