Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Happenings 2013!

Hello Blogging world.....I'm Back! I know it's been a few months but I wanted to give some updates on our family and what's going on in our lives.

First off let me say that I started this blog to give support and guidance to other parents and I still do this on a weekly and sometimes on a daily basis. People contact me from all over the world and I make time available to them because I know when we found out about Lyla I reached out to other parents and wanted the same thing..SUPPORT and GUIDANCE. It's difficult to blog as much as I'd like to. So I feel as long as I continue with a few posts every couple of months I can still stay in touch with my blogging buddies and keep everyone updated on our lives.

With that said I wanted to give an update on my girls.......

Emma is loving first grade and doing amazingly well. She loves school and is very bright. She does a lot of extracurricular activities such as: Hip Hop Dance, Gymnastics, Religion, and Mixed Martial Arts. She recently got her orange belt and was very excited about that. She is the BEST BIG SISTER ever! Her and Lyla get along so well and love being together. They are always giggling, playing games, eating snacks, watching tv and hanging out together. Its so nice to watch because I have a sister who I am close with and love to see my girls bonding like sisters do.

As far as Lyla she is HYSTERICAL......She has got to be the funniest 3 year old around. Her expressions and personality are priceless. She recently started preschool in September and is loving going to school. She goes twice a week for 2 1/2 hours. She does ballet and tap (dance class) and rocks those tutus. She is not shy and will participate, which I enjoy watching. She gets speech 3 times a week for 30 minutes and its truly helping. The girl is picking up so many words now. Her speech therapist comes to the house and Lyla loves her!

Now that Lyla is three years old I can honestly say that so far I have never heard or gotten any negative comments about her. People always want to come over and talk to her because her personality is AWESOME! People are constantly saying how adorable she is and how cute she is and NO ONE has ever said anything negative about her in my presence anytime. Even when they ask how old she is and SHE tells them....'I'm 3!" No one ever says anything about her size. They see what I see....the cutest 3 year old around and People say all the time how beautiful she is and how sweet she is. She has lots of friends and is excepted wherever she goes.

The month has been crazy busy and we are getting ready for Xmas. If you ask Lyla what she wants she says..."An iPad and a phone". This is what she told Santa and Everyone was hysterical! Emma wants a mini iPad and roller skates. I have a funny feeling the girls will get what they want!

Here are some updated photos of our holiday happenings! Happy Holidays to all my blogging buddies and Happy New Year too! (P.S. I will catch up on everyone's blog this week)

                                        Updated Pics of Emma and Lyla
Girls wearing matching dresses!

Emma and Lyla

             Visiting the Polar Express Trolley out in Southhold New York

Uncle Bruce, Aunt Michelle, Emma and Cousin Katie

The girls talking to an Elf

Group photo

The girls fooling around at a photo booth

Matching Xmas pajamas!

The elves playing games with the children


North Fork Polar Express Trolley

Having Hot Cocoa and Cookies

Lyla warming up to Santa

                               At Emma's School for Gingerbread Trains

The three loves of my life!

After at Dunkin Donuts for some hot cocoa and donuts with some classmates

                                                    Lyla's Xmas Show

My "Ham"

Singing her heart out

Lyla and her Bestie... 'Jo Jo"

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  1. Such great pictures! The trolley looks like loads of fun! Love Lyla's new haircut. So cute!


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